The FreshVoice Program

As FreshVoice Authorpreneur, we want to provide you with inspiration and support. Our FreshVoice FYFV Program is available either via face-to-face coaching with Suzanne, or now as an online course at the FreshVoice Academy. Either way, you will be guided on the journey into your non-fiction book project.

Here’s how it works…

Course #1 – Passion & Purpose

You have a trove of content and expertise locked inside your head – but how do you unlock that vault and get it onto the page? What is your story? Where does your subject matter focus emanate from? Why are you compelled to present it? Why does it matter, and to whom? Meet with an Indie Creativity Coach to navigate these tough questions and leave with an understanding of which publishing path is right for you, and recommendations for moving forward, as well as key content for an expert business plan.

Key Deliverables:

  • A self-diagnostic of the appropriate publishing path for you and your book
  • The qualification of your unique idea, and how it fits into the publishing landscape
  • Definition and clear language around your passion, purpose, & values
  • A succinct, emotive and persuasive text of your personal story for use in marketing, promotional and capital-raising endeavors
  • Personalized recommendations to move forward with your publication goals

Course #2 – Your Personal Brand

Building on Passion & Purpose, you will learn about author and book branding. Your coach will guide you through a series of creative, challenging and reflective exercises designed to help define your personal brand characteristics. Through the comparison of peers & the superstars you wish to emulate, you’ll learn about the parts of a brand promise, and begin defining what yours will be.

Key Deliverables:

    • Learning about author and book branding
    • Identification of the comparable peers and emulates within your brand landscape
    • Definition of your key brand characteristics
    • Learning about components of brand promise
    • Learning about peers & emulates, and doing research of competitive titles

Course #3 – Your Audience Avatar

You’re savvy enough to know that your content has a target demographic – but who are they, exactly? To really craft your writing and focus your marketing efforts, we encourage you to think of “them” as him or her.  In fact, through our FreshVoice Audience Avatar© process, you and your coach will work together to do actual market research that dives into your Avatar’s pain points and expectations, communication habits, and influencers – no need for guessing. The end result is specialized targeted market research that you can use to craft your content and create a results-oriented marketing plan.

Key Deliverables:

  • Education in regards to target marketing and understanding your audience
  • A keen understanding and awareness of your community of interest, including an Audience Avatar Profile
  • Market research using Fresh Voice Audience Avatar© tools (including online survey tool)
  • Opportunities for direct contact and relationship-building with potential customers/clients/audience
  • Detailed Audience Avatar market research Analysis Report & recommendations

Course #4 – Blogging Your Way to Thought Leadership

Whether you’ve never blogged, or you’ve been blogging for years, this session will review the best practices supporting today’s premier form of connecting with communities of interest, sharing ideas, and building thought leadership.

Depending on your goals, you might focus on building a blog strategy and editorial calendar, or you might choose to learn about and pursue our popular FreshVoice Blog-to-Book© process.

Key Deliverables:

  • Education about best practices in the art and science of blogging
  • Tools and templates for improving your blog writing
  • Access to the FreshVoice exclusive Editorial Blog Scheduler©
  • Learning about the FreshVoice Blog-to-Book© process
  • Content development of Blog-to-Book and schedule plan (if applicable)

Course #5 – Content Marketing Analysis & Strategy

Work with an Indie Marketing Consultant to understand what kind of clout you have online, and build a plan to increase your share of web traffic using our customized FreshVoice Editorial Calendar©. Whether you’re an early adopter with an account on every social media platform known to man, or brand new to the world of Tweets, Pinterest boards, Likes & Shares, we’ll take a look at where you are, what you want to achieve, and make a plan to meet your targets & goals.

Key Deliverables:

  • A snapshot of your online presence in its current state and a comparison against peers & emulates within your subject matter expertise
  • Specific recommendations to brand your online presence across multiple platforms
  • A customized content marketing strategy to use as you seek to share your message and grow your audience
  • A complete 3-month Editorial Calendar to drive your content marketing strategy, and on-going support as you work to plan & build your editorial calendar for the next 9 months.

At the end of this process, you’ll have all the pieces you need to take the next step of your journey–writing your book. And you’ll do it with a clear purpose, vision and strategy.

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