Corporate Book Services

Why a Storytelling Approach?

At FreshVoice, we believe that corporate storytelling should be integral to your company’s daily life—inside and out. Your history, vision, successes and challenges. Your people, your leadership, your clients, your events, your impact—stories of all these components make up who you are, and tell people why they should care about you, engage with you and support you. And, we believe storytelling is one of the most compelling forms of communication.

But many companies fail at storytelling. Why? Because they don’t follow the rules of great

Suzanne Paschall penned this 2015 tour de force that won the 2016 PubWest Bronze Medal in the Biography/History category. The book tells the many stories that span this important Canadian company's 65-year history. (424 pages; 100 photos)

Suzanne Paschall penned this 2015 tour de force that won the 2016 PubWest Bronze Medal in the Biography/History category. The book tells the many stories that span this important Canadian company’s 65-year history. (424 pages; 100 photos)

storytelling. They don’t use character, plot, action and setting. They only use numbers, charts, graphs. They only write about bottom lines and faceless, soul-less things like products, services, sales, returns, inventory, investments. Obviously there are times and places where numbers are the most important information to convey, and in no uncertain terms. Annual reports, stockholder meetings, staff meetings…all of these are places and times for the straight goods.

But your corporate book is has a more important mission than to convey information. It must inspire. It should present such memorable content that in and of itself it is considered a treasure.

A company is more than its bricks and mortar. More than the sum of its parts.

Each company has a story–in fact, it has many. Stories that describe how it came to be, how it struggled, became successful–and struggled again. Who were, and are, its leaders. What critical choices were made that changed its course. And, perhaps the most tantalizing of all, the stories that are envisioned for its future.

Our Products & Services

Corporate Storytelling Services at FreshVoice was created to help you tell your stories in fresh and engaging ways. And to deliver them in the formats that make the most sense for your corporate branding objectives.

1. The Founder’s Profile. The Founder’s Profile is a 12-16-page self-covered color booklet featuring a full-page portrait of the Founder and a 3,000-word life story. An inspirational story of what made your leader who he/she is, it leads up to how your leader got to the point of founding your company, and then summarizes where the company went under his/her leadership. It is ideal as a marketing/publicity piece for a press kit, a sales support piece for suppliers/customers/clients; or a new staff, board or company orientation piece. (Can include video clips of the interview for the Asset Library if desired.)

2. The Corporate StoryBook. The StoryBook is the legacy showpiece of an established

Birth of a Boom

Birth of a Boom, Suzanne’s seminal book charting the histories of 13 Saskatchewan corporate leaders and the companies they built.

company’s success. The storybook’s job is to detail the company’s history, and equally importantly, its formula for future success by telling the human stories that engage, inspire and build confidence among all stakeholders. It is a must-own for all company employees, a proudly-displayed item in waiting areas, offices and staff rooms, and is the de facto corporate gift for VIP visitors, mission trips, major prospects and clients and strategic partners.

3. Multi-Media Brand Asset Library. While collecting materials as part of the research for the profile and/or StoryBook, there are efficiency opportunities to be gained in video recording interviews; creating infographics from key corporate highlights, and making high quality illustrations and restored photographs for the company’s marketing department to use after the project is completed. Assets can be used endlessly—in advertising, newsletters, company internal/external website campaigns and video clips for your YouTube channel.


Production Budget Package

Need to develop a budget with sourced quotes for your corporate or organizational book project? We’ll do the work for you!

Our Production Budgeting Package includes:

  • Sourcing of two design & printing quotes
  • Analysis of quotes, including: selection of paper and cover stock, expenses of hardcover, paperback, and electronic formats.

We build the most profitable model for your book using our exclusive FreshVoice Book Budget Modelling Worksheet©. And, you get to keep the Worksheet – which means easy accounting for this book project, and others in the future.

Please contact us at to begin collaborating with us on your corporate book project!