FreshVoice’s Great Content Map Part 2: Be The Brand Captain

Indie’s Great Content Map provides a path for you as a blogger to guide readers on a happy journey through your content. The map provides ideas on how you can entice and reward users to travel with you from outset to destination, instead of abandoning ship. Everything from titles to formatting to use of multimedia – not the least of which is actual interesting content that is well written and structured – is critical to the success of your content journey.

The first step is branding and identification. Being the captain of this journey means first ensuring readers know who’s at the helm. What is your brand? Who are you? What do you look like? What do you sound and act like? Are you sincere in your desire to communicate, or are you merely contributing noise to the general conversation?

People are interested in people first—in their ideas, their passions, their stories. Sharing your ideas through content means sharing you.  If you do that well, then people in your community of interest will also want eventually to purchase the artifacts of those ideas and your particular view of the world—books, videos, workshops, keynotes, podcasts or webinars, coaching, consulting, even t-shirts…whatever form your content takes.


Here are three ways to ensure your front-line blog content accurately and adequately shows you at the helm: Continue reading

FreshVoice’s Great Content Map: Part 1

Mourn ye not the loss of those nasty, useless websites from the 1990s. We’ve moved past those early, unsophisticated days of Al Gore’s invention and today the Internet is an ecosphere teeming with intelligent design. Content that appears carelessly has a hard time competing against its highly-realized and sophisticated brethren; this is Darwinism at a literary level.

If you’re going to shout above that din, you can’t be merely a Wielder of Words, a Purveyor of Progress or a Thinker of Thoughts. You need to be a Crafter of Content!

What can we learn about capturing an audience’s hearts and minds by considering not just what words and sentences to use in which order, but how and where they appear on a page, and what appears around them?

When you get down to the bones of a great piece of contemporary content, everything is carefully sculpted and delicately connected. This is what I call the Content Map. It’s the architecture overlaying the actual words, like signposts on a journey, or finding clues on a treasure hunt. The Content Map provides direction and motivates the reader to continue.  Continue reading

So many book ideas…how to pick just one?

When first time non-fiction book authors come to me, I find that just as often as not they suffer from too many ideas as opposed to no ideas, or only one. After years of  helping them wrangle through the process of selecting which of their ideas they should focus on for their first book, I came up with a way to look at multiple ideas and quantify their readiness.  It’s now  part of the first course I offer online in the Academy, Passion & Purpose.

It’s called the Book Idea Quiz, and It gives you a method for determining which idea will work best for you and the market, right now.  You answer the following six questions, assigning point values to each, and the tool works out which is the winning idea, and what you might need to do to make a so-so idea a winning one, if that’s the one you’re set on doing first.

Here are the factors I use in the Quiz…use it to get you thinking… Continue reading