No More Excuses! Awesome Resources To Get You Writing in 2017

Hey, FreshVoicers…Happy New Year!

I’m excited about 2017, and I hope you are, too! Will this be the year you decide to start that book project? If it feels like the right time, then here are some professional nudges I’ve put together for you…

Though it’s only 105 pages, Strunk’s classic is anything but lightweight.

  1. TWO BOOKS That Will Make Your Writing Better. There are two books (and only two) written about writing by writers that were named #1 and #7 on Time Magazine’s  <ahref=”” target=”_blank”>100 Best Books of Time list. They are,  respectively, Strunk’s classic The Elements of Style and Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. If you haven’t read them both, do so. Can you imagine the best non-fiction book since 1923 being a book about writing? And two in the top 10? Amazing. Just. Do. It. I promise you will become a better writer just by reading these books.


Inspiring writing to jiggle your grey matter.

2. FIVE BOOKS That Will Inspire Your Writing. As important as reading about writing is to read great, fresh writing of fellow writers. Here is a list from Book Riot that will inspire your non-fiction brainology to click into overdrive, and to think about what really matters to you. (And, interestingly, another Stephen King non-fiction book, On Writing, also made this list.)

With Write or Die, you get the ultimate consequence-based encouragement to meet your writing goals.


3. SEVEN APPS That Will Make Your Writing Life Easier. Writers Win produced this list.

I read a number of lists like this, and this one seems to represent the most commonly chosen apps, along with a couple that weren’t on other lists that really jazzed me. Check it out; even if only one works for you, that’s a bonus!

One of my favorite sites for free images that are definitely not stock.

4. TWENTY SITES to Make Your Writing Prettier. If you’re still stuck in the expensive grind of paying high prices for quality images to use in your blog posts and other writing, get free! Literally…this is just one of the many lists that will lead you to free image sites.
And, of course, there’s always the Creative Commons.


That’s it…short and sweet, but hopefully packed with great stuff to kick-start your year!

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Thanks for being here, see you next week!


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