The New Rockstar Philosophy

A guerilla blueprint for digitally conscious artists
By Matt Voyno & Roshan Hoover

New Rockstar Philosophy
“An outstanding guide for musicians to thrive in the Internet era”

Michael Franti

“Profound Ideas. Actionable Insight”

Kyle Bylin, Hypepot, LiveNation

“5 years of industry wisdom in a quick solid read”

Jack Conte, Patreon, Pomplamoose

“For me, it was a life changer”

Tommaso Coliva, MUSE, Calibro35

At long last, the internationally published, award winning New Rockstar Philosophy: A Guerrilla Blueprint for Digitally Conscious Artists, is available in The App Store. With new media, updated information, sharing connectivity, enhanced comments and author feedback, The New Rockstar Philosophy app adds a new and exciting layer to the already inspirational and groundbreaking music industry insight of the original soft cover by Matt Voyno & Roshan Hoover.

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  • How to book shows + tour + showcase
  • How to Crowdfund your project
  • Simple and effective social media strategies
  • Creating and branding of your music
  • The Nano Rockstar: A New Model For the Millennial Age
  • Managing Your Band’s Cash
  • Cutting edge digital music marketing strategies
  • many more


  • Video interviews with – Brazilian/Italian band Selton and New Orleans band Mission South
  • Original Artwork by underground graffiti artist Cody Powell
  • Note taking capability for each chapter
  • Commenting and direct interactions and conversations with the authors
  • Infinity Content Updates – One guide for life

1. Exclaimer 2. Autopsy of an Industry 3. Who are you? 4. Goals 5. Songwriting 6. Your band is a Marriage 7. Image isn’t a Dirty word 8. Defining your audience 9. The art of practice 10. Recording 11. Shows 12. Making friends 13. Claiming your digital home base 14. Taming the social media beast 15. Youtube + online video 16. Bloggers + publicity 17. The 3p: Re-evaluating the album 18. Merch 19. Manage yo money 20. Crowdfunding 21. The nano tour 22. Showcasing + conferences 23. Publishing + licensing 24. Art of the collective 25. The Nano Rockstar 26. Conclusion

About the Authors: Matt Voyno & Roshan Hoover

Matt Voyno & Roshan HooverMatt Voyno and Roshan Hoover are two of the music industry’s leading thinkers about artist strategy in digital world. Their ideas have resonated with musicians around the world and have inspired them to embrace change.


“Profound ideas combined with actionable insights — this book captures a decade of thinking about how and why the music industry has changed and how artists can thrive in this new digital world.”

Kyle Bylin, founder/editor, & Hypebot

“New Rockstar Philosophy is one of the most useful books I’ve ever read to understand how music works these days. It made me focus on the really important questions everybody should focus on when working on music: ‘Who am I as an artist?’ ‘Who is my audience?’ ‘Why am I doing this?’ For me it was a life changer!”

Tommaso Colliva, Grammy-nominated engineer and producer, worked with Muse, Twilight Singers, Calibro 35

“The New Rockstar Philosophy just makes sense. It’s five years of industry wisdom wrapped up into a solid, quick read.”

Jack Conte, half of indie duo Pomplamoose

“An excellent read! It provides a thorough description on how social media can elevate your brand to new heights. If you’re an artist looking to take your brand to the next level, this is your book.”

Dawn Richard, multi-platinum R&B recording artist, formerly of Danity Kane and Diddy’s Dirty Money

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length: 160 pages
published: March 2013
isbn/sc: 9780987810588
isbn/ebook: 9780987810595