Have you heard? Changes to CIP data for indie authors & publishers!

Attention Canadian indie publishers/authors!

For years while publishing in Canada I had submitted data to Library & Archives Canada (LAC) to create the CIP (Cataloguing in Publication) data for the copyright page of author’s works. I’m sure those of you like me have been doing the same.

However, some folks may not yet know that a nearly a year ago, LAC made a significant change to their program, and no longer will be providing cataloguing data from independent authors’ titles.

I wanted to dig in a bit deeper to find out why this occurred, and what would be the data repercussions for indie authors. To do so, I spoke with several LAC’s specialists from both the CIP team and the Legal Deposit team, and here are their responses:

What is the rationale for this decision?

CIP Team:  When the CIP program started, self-publishing did not exist. The program always was intended for publishing houses with a large inventory of titles with large print run.  With the larger number of self-publishers finding about the CIP program, Library and Archives Canada provided pre-publishing record when requested, disregarding the basic reason for CIP.  Our CIP team can no longer provide that service to self-publishers, so the initial policy has been reinforced.

When did this come into effect?

The reinforced legislation was applied at the start of our new fiscal year,  April 1, 2017.

How then do indie publishers and authors ensure their works are listed in the national archives?

Legal Deposit Team: A CIP record is actually not required for this. Books are catalogued when they are received through normal channels, i.e. Legal Deposit. This has always been the way for publishers to submit their publications. If they were received at CIP, they would simply forward the publications to us at Legal Deposit in order to be processed properly. Legal deposit applies to all publishers in Canada.

Under the terms of the Library and Archives of Canada Act 2004, Canadian publishers are required to deposit copies of their published material with us.

So, the short response is that you do not need to have CIP data on your copyright page in order for your title to be legally on file in Canada’s national archives, and you will not be able to do this anymore. Instead, you simply register your title only with the Legal Deposit division.

Of course, you can still obtain free ISBNs for your titles through Library & Archives Canada, and can set that up HERE.

To learn more about the Legal Deposit process, go HERE. Basically, you need to fill out a form and mail them two copies of each format of the book (hard cover, soft cover, etc.) that you publish.




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