Selecting Advance Reviewers: Combine These 5 Types for Biggest Bang

Think about what influences you when you browse for a book…do you read the book’s description, maybe read a passage or two, and check out the back cover or inside for reviews? And are you a critical reviewer of reviewers? Do you look at the credentials of the reviewers to see how “weighty” or valid they appear to be?

If you don’t, you’re atypical, according to the 2015 Canadian Book Buyers Report by BookNet Canada. Continue reading

Media Alert: Crowdfunding interview on CBC-Radio Tomorrow!

Are you intrigued by the idea of crowdfunding but not sure what it’s all about?

Tune in tomorrow a.m. at 7:15 a.m. Central (8:15 a.m. Eastern) for an interview with #NCFA‘s Saskatchewan Ambassador Suzanne Paschall, who will answer questions about crowdfunding in advance of a workshop she’ll facilitate next week put on by the Saskatchewan Community Futures Development Corporation.

Crowdfunding 101 is part of a complete series of financial confidence campaign providing bootcamps (hands-on workshops) to empower entrepreneurs across Saskatchewan.

Go to CBC-Radio Saskatoon and click on the “Listen Live” button in the upper right hand corner to hear  the interview.

To book your own bootcamp, contact NTN, and check out details on the Crowdfunding Bootcamps