Does Developmental Editing Make Better Writers?

Developmental editing, according to Wikipedia, is a “form of writing support that comes into play before or during the production of a publishable manuscript, especially in the area of non-fiction writing.” As explained by Scott Norton in his book Developmental editing: a handbook for freelancers, authors, and publishers, developmental editing involves “significant structuring or restructuring of a manuscript’s discourse”.[1] Developmental editors are a type of language professional.

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Time Management Tricks for Social Media

“I don’t have time for social media!” (Some strategies so you can stop lying to yourself)

A common worry that entrepreneurs have in regards to social media is that it will become a huge time-suck; when you’re starting a business, there are a lot of balls to juggle, and a Twitter feed can definitely be the vortex into which the precious hours of the day disappear.

But managing your online presence is just as important as managing your cash flow and client/customer recruitment and retention. In fact, when social media is built into your marketing plan, it works for you in the pursuit of your goals, not against you – so make the plan and get to work! Note, though, that posting your original content isn’t enough. You need to actively participate in each platform you use (putting the social in social media!) and this is where the OMG-I-don’t-have-time-for-this anxiety starts.

In the same way that people have their own time-management strategies (we won’t judge those who don’t…we won’t judge those who don’t…), there are a few different ways to work the care and feeding of social media into your regular routine.

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FreshVoice’s Great Content Map Part 2: Be The Brand Captain

Indie’s Great Content Map provides a path for you as a blogger to guide readers on a happy journey through your content. The map provides ideas on how you can entice and reward users to travel with you from outset to destination, instead of abandoning ship. Everything from titles to formatting to use of multimedia – not the least of which is actual interesting content that is well written and structured – is critical to the success of your content journey.

The first step is branding and identification. Being the captain of this journey means first ensuring readers know who’s at the helm. What is your brand? Who are you? What do you look like? What do you sound and act like? Are you sincere in your desire to communicate, or are you merely contributing noise to the general conversation?

People are interested in people first—in their ideas, their passions, their stories. Sharing your ideas through content means sharing you.  If you do that well, then people in your community of interest will also want eventually to purchase the artifacts of those ideas and your particular view of the world—books, videos, workshops, keynotes, podcasts or webinars, coaching, consulting, even t-shirts…whatever form your content takes.


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