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Suzanne founded Indie Ink Publishing in 2010, and in 2016, traded in publishing for author consulting/training with FreshVoice, and the FreshVoice Academy, an online learning school for non-fiction authors.

Suzanne Paschall, blogger/author/FreshVoice coach

With a diverse career focused on the spoken, written and sung word, Suzanne’s life path has led her to work with authorpreneurs to not only help them write and publish books, but to help them build and hone their brands, content, skills….and to realize their dreams.

Suzanne delights in helping those with fresh ideas, views and perspectives build a content-rich business based on their unique way of seeing the world.

Suzanne has been an inspiring authorpreneurial coach as well as a meticulous editor. She has guided my writing from a novice state to a publishable product. Without her constant care to detail my project wouldn’t be evolving into such a remarkable life experience. Suzanne has awakened my inner writer and for this I’ll be forever indebted.


Shelley Zwingli, divinesigns.ca blogger & author, Volcanoes, Butterflies & Jesus                                (FreshVoice, 2016)

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In her 35-year career Suzanne has published award-winning short fiction, music, corporate and institutional public relations content, and more than 300 newspaper and magazine articles. She authored her first book, Birth of a Boom: Lives & Legacies of Saskatchewan Entrepreneurs in 2009, and followed up in 2015 with her first corporate storybook, Through the Rear View Mirror: The ASL Story. She has also edited numerous books by other authors. She is an Ambassador for the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada. With a Masters of Continuing Education (Workplace Learning Specialty) and a minor in Online Learning, Suzanne has married her love of books with her love of education, and provides one-on-one coaching and project management, as well as online courses through the FreshVoice Academy.


She started her boutique indie publishing company, Indie Ink Publishing, in 2009 and during its six-year tenure it published more than 20 titles by authors from British Columbia to Saskatchewan. Two of those books earned Gold (2012) and Bronze (2016) book awards from Pubwest, a large indie publishing association in the US and Canada.

Indie Ink developed a niche in publishing high quality non-fiction books that helped their authors build or augment their professional or personal brands. It also became known for its innovative experimentation with social media marketing strategies; creative exploration of new book forms and a keen interest in exporting Saskatchewan book product to the rest of Canada and the U.S.

PR, Advertising and all that…

Suzanne was Director of Public Relations for both McMaster University and the University of Saskatchewan, working for both institutions for a total of 17 years. She was owner of the communications firm Paschall Arts for 15 years, where she was trainer/consultant in areas of strategic communications management for corporate, institutional and public sector clients across North America.

Prior to moving to Canada, she worked in advertising (Benton & Bowles) and PR and licensed merchandising in the book trade (Andrews & McMeel/Universal Press Syndicate) in New York City,  and was also a daily newspaper journalist in Kansas (Salina Journal) and a magazine freelancer.


She holds a Masters Degree in Continuing Education (Workplace Learning specialty) from the University of Calgary (2003) and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Mass Communication from Kansas State University (1980). She also loved a very special Ad Copywriting class she took in New York from the creators of the Keebler Elves and Charlie the Tuna at Manhattan Marymount College.


Suzanne is also an award-winning published songwriter and jazz singer, and original music from her two albums has been used in film, television, stage and Internet radio drama. Her swing band, Jump Me Martha, was a regular on the Saskatoon music scene for more than a decade.

Having recently returned to her home country, she now lives and works in Seattle, Washington.

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